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This pack contains

1x Areola 1R 3ml

1x Areola 2B 3ml

1x Areola 3B 3ml

1x Areola 4B 3ml


Areola 1R 

Base pigment for pink nipples, used mainly in the first stage of pigmentation. It’s used to draw the shape and to distribute the first layers of the pigment.



Areola Brown

Areola 1B is a base pigment used to lighten other pigments or to enhance convexities. Designed to create a 3D effect.


Areola 2B 

Dedicated to amber and brown nipples. Base pigment in the scale of browns


Areola 3B

Used to work with subsequent layers of brown nipples. It enhances the colours.



Areola 4B

Used mainly to accentuate details, shadows or kinks on the areola and nipple. 10ml


Areola 5B is the darkest of browns, which is used to enhance shadows, kinks, and all kinds of details in which we create the most of shadow - for example when pigmenting glands.